ResearchTree Amulet of evil protection

Research tree for Amulet of evil protection

Amulet of evil protection
Amulet of evil protection
Blacksmith n/a Carpenter 15 Sorceress 15 Tailor n/a
Forging n/a Sawing 0 Alchemy 0 Sewing n/a
Welding n/a Sculpting 75 Enchanting 75 Creativity n/a
Metal 1 Wood 0 Herbs 0 Leather 1
Steel 0 Elfwood 0 Oils 0 Fabric 0
Mithril 0 Dragonsblood 0 Gems 1 Mythicfeathers 0
Estimated Craft Time 4 hours
Estimated Research Time  ? hours
Market Value Coins 2450
Recipe Purchase Price Coins 9800
Tokens Token 0
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Customers who can use this item

Singing axe SoldierSorcererThief War wizard

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Research CycleEdit

Items that come before and/or after this item in research cycle:

Lucky amulet > Elemental pendant (+ Skeleton staff) > Amulet of evil protection > Talisman of fear


Same picture is used at Elemental talisman in the game. That talisman however is 2,5 times as expensive.

General BuyersEdit

See infobox at lower right.


Items that can be suggested in place of this one: