The blacksmith is one of your four worker choices In the start. You can later choose him as your second option or get him even later on by buying the workshop and having your guild mates fill in the required points. He specializes in any item that is or has metal. His two crafting skills are forging and welding. He co-operates in making items with mainly the tailor and/or the carpenter. The carpenter works especially well with the blacksmith since many weapons have both wood and metal combined.

The blacksmith is most frequently involved in cooperative recipes, as items of all sorts require his metalworking skills. The blacksmith is required for nearly all weaponry, except for staves and bows.


For a comprehensive list of recipes see Category:Blacksmith.


  • Blacksmith is a great choice at the beginning, as he can keep your shop afloat solely by making swords, which are accepted by many different classes.
  • A Blacksmith together with a tailor can make a lot of different equipment, which can be easily suggested to specific classes.
  • His items take a long time to make, and they usually sell for moderate amounts of gold.


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