The carpenter is one of four workers that create objects for your shop. He specializes in wooden items, including staves, bucklers and musical instruments. His two crafting skills are sawing and sculpting. He is also very useful for completing quests, because many quests require (blacksmith and) carpenter improvement points.


Carpenters create ranged weapons, such as slings and bows, and various wooden tools/ instruments. He has more recipes that require 2 crafters, and more convenient ones, than any other worker.


For a comprehensive list of recipes see Category:Carpenter


  • He's one of hardest workers to use at the beginning for newbies, but with proper planning, he can be a great choice!
  • His items take moderately-long time to make and regularly sell for a high amount of gold.
  • He's often good at co-working with others, which is the reason why he's a hard choice at the beginning (alone).
  • Together with blacksmith, you can receive a quest called "Arena Improvements". Upon completion, you receive 2 skill points and 10k gold, which can be very useful in the early game.
  • His cooperation points are in HUGE demand, and even in very small guilds, carpenter improvement lists can be very long (also due to the quests that need Carpenter improvement points).
  • Craft faster than the market needs after a certain amount of days ( sorceress has the same problem). Research new recipes, then fire him if item quantity is out of control (20+ is excessive for anything).