ResearchTree Copper shield

Research tree for Copper shield

Copper shield
Copper shield
Blacksmith 5 Carpenter n/a Sorceress n/a Tailor n/a
Forging 50 Sawing n/a Alchemy n/a Sewing n/a
Welding 25 Sculpting n/a Enchanting n/a Creativity n/a
Metal 2 Wood 0 Herbs 0 Leather 0
Steel 0 Elfwood 0 Oils 0 Fabric 0
Mithril 0 Dragonsblood 0 Gems 0 Mythicfeathers 0
Estimated Craft Time 3 hours
Estimated Research Time  ? hours
Market Value Coins 265
Recipe Purchase Price Coins 1060
Tokens Token 0
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Customers who can use this item

War wizard

result of Shields
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Research CycleEdit

Items that come before and/or after this item in research cycle.

Wooden buckler > Copper shield > Heater shield > Heavy shield / Paladin's heater shield

Wooden buckler > Copper shield (+Sturdy shoes) > Shiny shoes / Dancer shoes

General BuyersEdit

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Items that can be suggested in place of this one.