Singing axe

Singing Axes are an interesting hybrid of Bard and Barbarian. "Bardbarians", if you will. If you have lots of instruments lying around, conduct business cautiously, as he has high specs in lute throwing and flute stabbing. A bad haggle typically results in a flute to the eye; therefore, many shopkeepers have banned him from their venues.

Although the Singing Axe claims his yellow eyes are a legendary curse, doctors have advised him that it actually is a highly contagious and rare fungus. Sensitive about the issue, anyone who asks him about it is liable to get abducted in the dead of night and beaten on by a team of four high level barbarian thugs dressed in traditional green burqas of doom.

Usable MerchandiseEdit

Weapons: Instruments, Axes

Armor: Medium armor, Medium helmets, Medium gloves, Medium boots

Accessories: Any

Consumables: Any